About Sean

Sean T French has been producing art his whole life.  He was taught how to draw and paint at a very young age by my mother Sandra S French who had a successful career as a fine artist. When Sean learned of the surrealists like Dali his work moved in that direction.  While at the University of Texas he studied under well know artists Peter Saul, and Robert Yarber. Saul was then painting large works in bright neon colors that influenced Sean to paint large and to paint murals which he did for about a decade following in Austin, Texas.  Sean also received credit for some of his murals in the now famous CURFEW club in Austin.  In 1989 Sean graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Art, emphasis on painting.  Sean then formed a mural company called Wall Works painting over 75 murals in Texas and received a “Best Mural” award in the 1994 Best of Austin awards presented by the Austin Chronicle for murals in the famous music venue Liberty Lunch. Many of the murals included scenery and architectural elements for the effect of opening up spaces. During this time he also studied some of the great muralists like Diego Rivera. He continued to paint large colorful paintings with surrealistic themes through the 90's and early 2000's. During this time Sean also learned how to build historically correct medieval armor for re-enactments and stage use.  This later became the basis for a unique style and direction in sculpture.

Other commercial art works have included; posters, albums, CD covers (including posters for Austin music legends, Roky Erickson and LP design  Shiva’s Headband), illustrations for children’s educational books, web development/site design, branding/logos, etc. with many name corporate clients. After a long stay in Austin Sean moved back to his birth state Arizona in 2012 where he continues to pursue an art career.

Currently he is working on a sculpture series and as entered many exhibits winning the 2019 “Presidential” award for sculptor “Ancient Teacher”.  Also featured in the highly publicized “Art of Burning Man” exhibit in downtown Phoenix which displayed several pieces showing a transformation from historical armoring to fine art sculpture and wearable art that he had originally debuted at Burning Man events around the country. Also winning a Critic’s Choice 2019 Award from the Alwun House Foundation for the Arts.

"Armor is somehow historical and futuristic at the same time. It has been created for millennia and appears in countless paintings and sculpture throughout art history. It is protective, defensive… not offensive.  We speak of our metaphorical armor.  Form following function, strengthening and beautifying the human form.  My sculpture uses this as a style but attempts to take it to the next level in depicting these creatures that are completely made of armor and that express emotion, primarily inspired by history and science, surrealism, ancient mythology, cosmic themes, theology, hood ornaments...and all shiny metal."

Sean uses forging and casting techniques utilizing the effect of light reflection on highly reflective metal formed by hand. The sculptures change with every shift of the light and some have lights embedded in them.



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