I am a metal sculptor focused on creating figurative pieces with themes influenced by many subjects including history, art history, mythology, cosmic theory, theology, science, current events, among others. I work in a style highly influenced by historical armoring techniques often creating sculptures that take at least partial human form for that reason. 

Historically the ancient armoring techniques and process combined to create a style rooted in form following function because of a practical need to protect living bodies… it resulted in art.  These techniques or trade secrets were lost with time and filed away as an almost alchemic lost art.  Over the past decades I learned traditional historical armoring and I received awards for my historical works used in theater and re-enactment. With my newer fine art pieces I am now attempting to take the techniques and that experience up a level into the realm of fine art.  I found the requirement that armor must work with moving living bodies in form following function fascinating and the result beautiful and full of artistic possibility. In my fine art pieces I am attempting in part to celebrate this. 

My process is unique from most sculpting processes.  Because of this piece is unique and can not be easily reproduced like when metal founding.  I put hundreds of hours hand working each piece and often finish my work to a highly polished state like armor in a museum or more. The Themes for my work are inspired by history and science, surrealism, ancient mythology, cosmic stories, and psychedelic color theory. My technique and style evolved from having learned how to build historically correct medieval armor for re-enactments and stage use. I now take this experience to another level in an original fine art style. From an early age I was fascinated with medieval arms & armor, making a real heat treated sword at age 12. I soon also learned I was more interested in the defensive aspects and ways armor works with the human body more than the very different requirements for offensive weapons like edged weapons.  Later working on armor for actual use I became fascinated with the way it functions and fits the human body combining form and function. This later became the basis for my style and direction in sculpture.

In my current sculpture series I also explore homage to the centuries of art inspired by goddesses & female deity type characters such as Liberty, Justice, Victory, classic car hood ornaments, mast heads. etc.  Female strength & grace personified. These metal sculptures consist of many metals, aluminum, steel, brass and copper, and as stated above are heavily influenced by European armor and armoring techniques from the 14th through 17th centuries.  Many of my sculptures are created from highly reflective material that pick up color and light and change greatly with setting and lighting.  Some have lighting in them.

I have entered into a new understanding of the creation of art in recent years. Art history teaches that the great classic sculptor Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simon described seeing the finished sculpture at the moment he saw the stone he would carve it from. That he was just removing the material around it to expose the sculpture.  I did not understand this in Art History and at that time dismissed it as just an artist describing his creation methods with an air of mystery.  I completely understand this differently now and believe I understand that he was describing exactly what he felt. When I look a stack of stock metal I see dozens of completed sculpture that all I need to do is assemble.  There is no question for me what to do next.  This understanding was like being hit by lightning, all the cliche' statements referring to the realization of a calling now are real to me.