Most of my sculpture attempts to exude a timeless quality and are often creatures, amalgams of world myth and imagination. This new sculpture is different. Although it shares the timeless armor metaphor with most of my sculpture, this piece is about our current "crisis" time. Instead of a creature this piece depicts a human in present day wearing armor that is both metaphorical and literal now that we wear masks and face shields/protective gear to enter our now unsafe environment. This figure is crossing a plane, entering into an unknown and unsafe new space, as too many of must do in these present crisis days. The crisis hit while I was working on a large piece in my creature series. As it went on I saw friends, family and people in media have to don their “armor”….I was inspired by their strength and felt a call for my work to depict humans for a change in this moment. I hope this piece does not become “timeless” as I hope my others do. I very much hope it will only remind of this moment in time in the future not represent our new world.
“Return” is approx human sized, mounts on wall space 55”x24”. Constructed from various metals formed and cast.
All rights reserved Sean T French 2020.



She may be caught in the last moments of a decent to a new world after a cosmic or dimensional voyage. This work is human sized (approximately 6ft) and made from stock sheets of metal and bar shaped by hand. This piece is aluminum with a steel armature mounted to a stand with an approximately 12"x12" footprint.

Progress with Circe's Wand

She was created as an homage to the centuries of classic sculpture inspired by goddesses, female deity like characters (such as Liberty, Justice, and Victory), hood ornaments, and mast heads. Progress represents the power of female strength with grace. With the voices of women becoming more powerful and surrounded by strong women in my family, I had a strong inspiration to create her.  She seemed to tell me it was time create her.  In this piece she carries Circe's wand, which is known to turn men into pigs! Using historical armoring techniques she is completely made by hand with hand tools from sheets of flat aluminum on a steel armature. This highly reflective material picks up color and changes in different lighting. Progress is approximately 6ft tall on the 12 x 12 stand.



Datura is a dangerous & powerful plant used only by the most learned of herbalists.... This sculpture is also an homage to the centuries of classic sculpture inspired by goddesses, female deity like characters.  Christina Happ a patina detail artists added the bronze colored detail work on this piece.


Temper stands approx 6ft tall on the stand. The stand is steel with natural rock.  This piece embodies the dual meanings of "temper" rendered in my current style.  The moon and hand symbols are references to the feminine but also are visually important to this expression of contained power.

The Door

The Door is approx 22" x 16" x 6" and is a metal sculpture with forged and cast pieces in construction.  The highly reflective piece has internal lighting and features the armoring technique of "fluting".   The overall theme is the sense of being drawn into an eye shaped door and is a play with metaphor.


2019 Arachny by Sean T French is approx. 12" tall and 12" around, high polished cast metal. This piece slipped through a crack in a dimensional door I left open while working on another larger piece...she wanted out.  

Lorelei's Familiar

Approx 24" tall. Metal, various. Some say Lorelei is a mermaid, for some she is a nymph, for some a water spirit or siren. Could this be her familiar?  The shape of the head is based on a German Sallet called a Schaller Sallet.  Made for or by the family Schall.  My mother's maiden name is Schall.

Ancient Teacher

Az Art Alliance 2019 Presidential Award - Ancient TeacherThis sculpture won the Arizona Artist Alliance 2019 Presidential Award.  The theme attempts to stylize an ancient cosmic visitor myth that I had read and heard bits about since being born in Arizona under the San Francisco Peak. This metal sculpture consist of many metals; aluminum, steel, brass and copper.  Made from flat sheets of metal and some found objects this was completely created by hand with mainly non powered hand tools.  Having learned ancient armoring techniques and commissioned to build dozens of historical replica pieces, I wanted to utilize this knowledge in the creation of fine artwork.  This highly reflective material picks up color and changes in every lighting.  The Ancient Teacher is approximately 24 inches wide with the articulated ears out, 18 inches deep, and 18 inches tall without stand.


The Shining One

Winner of the Alwun House Foundation 2019 Critic's Choice Award. This sculpture is part of my "ancient teacher" series.  Approx human head sized, 22" tall on stand. Various metals cast and forged.  This piece is partially inspired by Sumerian mythology but is inspired by an amalgam similar beings as are all of the ancient teacher pieces.

Spydra Damhán Alla

This piece crawled out of my mind during the creation of "Descent".  She is a human female form with hair that could be legs...This piece is metal and can be presented on a stand or stand on it's own "legs".  Approx. 36"x 30" off stand.

Upcoming Piece

I have many ideas for my collection of sculptures along similar themes. The possibilities are endless as I am at the point in my life where creating metal sculpture is my passion... I feel freedom and joy in their creation. When creating a sculpture, I am often inspired with the next ones design so there are several more in various production stages right now.