Most of my sculpture attempts to exude a timeless quality and are often creatures, amalgams of world myth and imagination. This new sculpture is different. Although it shares the timeless armor metaphor with most of my sculpture, this piece is about our current "crisis" time. Instead of a creature this piece depicts a human in present day wearing armor that is both metaphorical and literal now that we wear masks and face shields/protective gear to enter our now unsafe environment. This figure is crossing a plane, entering into an unknown and unsafe new space, as too many of must do in these present crisis days. The crisis hit while I was working on a large piece in my creature series. As it went on I saw friends, family and people in media have to don their “armor”….I was inspired by their strength and felt a call for my work to depict humans for a change in this moment. I hope this piece does not become “timeless” as I hope my others do. I very much hope it will only remind of this moment in time in the future not represent our new world.
“Return” is approximately human sized, mounts on wall space 55in x 24in and was hand forged using various sheet metals and some parts are metal casts.
All rights reserved Sean T French 2020.