This piece was conceived as part of our creatures series that is exploring new visions of fantastic creatures you may know. The Phoenix mythology is a creature, always female, born out of the ashes of a former existence, burning with the desire to live. It is a metaphor for our Phoenix Arizona art scene and the artists doing everything possible to have their work shine. We feel this geographic location is ground zero for a new wave in the arts and for this we are making our art....and making it big and on fire. This piece is a collaboration with artists Mike Butzine (blown glass), Michelle Meyer (fabrication and design), Cody Hunt (electronics/programming), Lance Greathouse (fire effect consultant), and Nick Rick(low pressure fire system). Made of steel armature, aluminum and stainless steel sheet metal, blown glass, LED lights, propane fire equipment and kinetic movement powered by electric actuators. The size is approximately 20 ft tall by 20 ft wide. Price Upon Request, Rental of sculpture may be considered