This piece is deeply connected to my origin story of this series of sculptures. I have always been an artist but it wasn't until being haunted by a curse that I started creating my fine art. I was married to a wicca witch in past decades that through a series of unsuccessful cancer treatments turned to dark sources before she died. In the throes of her last years she turned me into a part of her illness as I wanted her to do what it took to go on and she just wanted to experience all she could. We separated before her death and she cursed me if I were to go on to another life, especially one with a family. She always supported my art but argued with me that I was not doing “my art”. The curse was that unless I am actively pursuing my art I would be physically in pain. This seemed true for years to follow before starting this series. I had one health scare after another, then my spine went out at L3 4&5...I felt I couldn't work at all or even move. My walking was affected and it felt like my legs worked like they were balls stacked on each other while trying to walk. But somehow I started a idea to use my old armoring techniques in a more fine art way….then I started feeling it! I would be working and not hurting, my shattered back didn't hurt and my hands worked. Yet when I take a day to sit around the pain is back. So now I make art all the time. This piece is a personification of that deal, the ghost within emerges from my spine, my legs are turning to balls, my body to stone, the ghost holds out the hammer, it's time to work. Made of stone mix, wood base, various balls, hand forged sheet metal with steel armature. This is approximately 7ft tall all together. Price upon request