Ice House New Things 2021

Sean T French - NEW THINGS” art exhibit at the Ice House Gallery in PHX AZ Jan 0 1


Presenting the amazing video produced by Jake Nichols, Elizabeth Broeder and Amar Camisi of the first Friday opening night Jan 01 2021for the “Sean T French - NEW THINGS” art exhibit at the Ice House Gallery in PHX AZ Jan 0 1- Feb 15th 2021
Description and CREDITS:
…It was the opening for my show but it had become something bigger.
I was honored with a solo sculpture show with the paintings of Jayme Blue at the amazing Ice House Gallery The Icehouse Gallery in PHX AZ in 2020 before covid was heavily on our minds. When I saw the historic large white walled gallery I knew the space would compliment the body of my sculpture pieces. The space would be perfect for the duration of the show for appointments and that type of gallery activity. With the other two spaces, one without a roof and another huge event space, I saw huge possibility to also have a memorable/influencial start of 2021 opening. I wanted to invited my artist friends that shared aesthetic in different media, live performers etc.etc., on first Friday Jan 01 2021. The date was far enough off it seemed impossible that by then we would still be concerned with C-19. Even before Covid became the main concern I wanted to use the large space to introduce a larger scale piece made with artist collaborators, Mike Butane @Mkbutz, Michelle Meyer @ibmeesh and
Cody Hunt “PsyRen” . The show builds were going great… I was excited to also bring more artists in, Momo Morgan Xenoviv and Inspirann Art body painted models wearing armorfetish art pieces, fire art performance by @incandescence_troupe with Jim Nowlin a collaboration with Nick Rice and Charlie Vierhout on fire blowing solid copper horns for his amazing “The Rat Rod” art car….a collaboration with fire artist Lance Greathouse on “the Kiss”… All this was exciting but at that same time the news wasn’t getting better….Covid numbers were going up…
I knew to keep making art…the artist collaborators did too…on the new big featured piece “PsyRen” we had already established a tight plan so we adapted making our parts separately…I was pounding and casting metal as I always do, glass was being blown, steel was being fabricated wires were being connected. I enjoy every second of working with these artists all masters of their skills but we had to adapt. Events were being cancelled, art shows, galleries closed…. If anything I worked more during lockdown as an escape but there was this light the whole time at the end of the tunnel. The Ice House show was still on if we make it to Jan 01 2021, …its gotta be better by then.
The news as you know just kept getting worse. I could not move the date and now it wasn’t just me this was getting important to. By this time I had felt the energy was building in many of the artists involved. It was humbling and inspiring, it was important. These artists sharing my ascetic had this opportunity to shine. So I decided to talk to the Ice House about changing how the exhibit would go. I decided it had became about going forward with the plans somehow in a covid cautious way that documents the use of this space complimenting my sculpture and this collaboration of like minded artists in this moment rather than to be able to share the moment with a large live gathering. A limited number of RSVP well monitored guests would be allowed into the gallery spaces, while we invited photographers and videographers to become part of the art being created. We took precaution, used our heads to free our hearts. I thank the Ice House so much for agreeing to this, now it feels it really started 2021 as best we could. Now it is partly this video and the other video and photographic art that this was all about. Now we have this and more to share with you across this platform. Again thank you so much video and photographic artists...
There were so many things that were in play that night, there will be more to come. This video is from the group I got the privilege to talk with prior to the show @el_lostboi -
Elizabeth Broeder
@jake_up_nichols -
Jake Nichols
@clymatic @clymatic- @Amar Camisi This is 100% their art I really can’t say thank you enough and of course I love it. All of you are super pros thank you again so much from everyone!
The Art of Sean T French will return to the ice House Gallery in October 2021....hope to see you there....
There are so many more of course to thank for that night. Lots of artists in photography and videography showed up to share their art or create in the environment we created, thank you…. some other thanks I will try to list…projection art by Chris Turner and
Michael Bortfeld
, illuminated art portal by
Robin Bidwell
Shawn Vermillion
, fire art by Lance Greathouse, outside art cars; Rat Rod with fire installations by Nick Rice (includes copper fire horns built by Sean, Nick and Charlie Vierhout) and Dirty Bird with fire installations by
Jesus Jaramillo
Deissy Jaramillo
, and
Dennis Henry - djespx
& crew original music adding their art to the show. Special thanks to Hair Stylist
Janelle Hills
. Special thank you to
Christy Ward French
for covid prep and use of wings,
Jenna Leatherman
foe wax sculpture...The ArmorFetish Models + @ShelbeyAmber - wing model,
Sushil Rao
Nate Hawbaker
Corinne Vivers
and Addis Thrasher, Thank you
Walter Where?House
Gallery for currently housing the PsyRen for viewing sure im not done