Past Shows

Jan 01 2021 ICEHOUSE GALLERY Phoenix

Art of Sean T French - NEW THINGS  

At the Ice House Gallery 

429 W Jackson Street Phoenix, AZ 


"Armor is somehow historical and futuristic at the same time. It has been created for millennia and appears in countless paintings and sculpture throughout art history. It is protective, defensive… not offensive.  We speak of our metaphorical armor.  Form following function, strengthening and beautifying the human form.  My sculptures use this as a style but attempts to take it to the next level in depicting creatures that are completely made of armor and that express emotion, primarily inspired by history and science, surrealism, ancient mythology, cosmic themes, theology, hood ornaments...and all shiny metal."  -Sean T French


Sean T French has spent decades creating award-winning art. He has developed a unique style of metal sculpting by utilizing refined armoring, metal shaping and casting techniques to produce highly polished master crafted metal sculpture. Sean will be showcasing dozens of sculptures  including several new ones to create a spectacular feast for the eyes in this amazing space.

2019 Monster Menagerie

Sean T French won a Alwun House foundation 2019 Critic's Choice Award for the piece "The Shining One" in this show.

Art of Burning Man

April 19th - May 10th 2019

Alwun House

1204 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, Arizona 8500